Kimberley Day

Bespoke Women's wear

Kimberley Day is a women's wear fashion designer and bespoke dressmaker. Kimberley specialises in custom made wedding dresses, bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride outfits, ball dresses and tailored garments. Based Karori, Wellington, New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions


How much is my dress going to cost?

As you can imagine the cost of each garment varies as much as the one off garments themselves. As a general guide though, most wedding gowns cost around $2500 - $3,000. This includes consultations and fittings, original design, made to measure patterns, materials and a beautifully made gown.

Your first consultation is free. At the first consultation we will discuss styles and materials etc. I may also take your measurements at this fitting to speed up the process later on. Following this consultation I will be able to provide you with an estimated cost. This will not change significantly unless the fabric or style changes dramatically at a later stage. I'll always discuss this with you so you can choose the best approach.

30% will be due when you book to have your gown made. At the second consultation you will have a fitting in a basic calico dress. This is done to check for fit and plan the design to suit you. When the design is confirmed you will receive a fixed quote for your garment.

The nature of Made to Measure design allows for tweaks and changes to fit or style along the way. If you choose to change an aspect of the design that will increase the cost of the garment this will be made clear to you, and I will receive confirmation that you wish the changes to be completed before the work is carried out.

30% of your quote is due before the fabric is cut, and the balance is to be paid on completion.

Do you make ball dresses or other garments?

Yes. If I have gaps in my calendar I am happy to consider other women's Made to Measure inquiries, whether evening wear, day wear or tailoring.

Do you supply all the materials needed?

I can supply everything for bridal wear I design. However if you have a special piece of fabric, lace or other material that you would like to use then I am happy to discuss its suitability and use.

For non bridal garments I can supply some materials but I find most customers prefer to see what is available from retailers as there is so much variety. I can give advice on what to look for, assess the suitability of samples you may have before you purchase, and show you what I have available that may be suitable. I supply all "extras" threads, zips, linings etc.

I don’t live in Wellington. Can I still have my dress made by you?

My Made to Measure design relies on you being available and involved for all fittings to ensure the best results. If you are able to see me in my workroom for a minimum of 3 fittings then I will be more than happy to work with you, and we will not have to compromise on the finished outcome due to distance.

Do you do alterations?

My dresses are custom made specifically to fit you, so no alterations are required. Your dress is not finished until it fits you perfectly.

I will alter or remake vintage gowns, however I do not alter other current designers' gowns.

Where will we have our consultations/fittings/lessons?

Open by appointment only. All appointments are held in my workroom, this is part of my home in Karori. And there is plenty of off street parking!

Can you make all my bridesmaids dresses/mother of the bride dress too?

Yes! If you contact me with plenty of time, and I am not fully booked, then I am happy to accommodate other members of the bridal party.

Do you make veils, jackets, and/or accessories?

Yes! I can custom design veils, jackets and wraps, hair combs and other accessories on request. This is a great way to complete a whole look and express your individuality.

How long does the dressmaking process take and how far in advance must I book?

The process takes approximately 3-6 months from signed contract to finished garment. Booking as far in advance as possible is encouraged.